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My name is Macahl Jett and I am from Houston, Tx. 

I am a Product Designer (UX|UI)

at Disney Parks! I have my B.A. in Journalism/Public Relations from the University of North Texas!

 I create applicable designs with the everyday person in mind. 

My Work


The Disney Dreamer App - UX|UI Design & Research

The Disney Dreamer app was created to help teens have the opportunity to intern for Disney and Pixar. Students are able to get the internship based on how many ‘likes’ they receive from their work from participants on the app. They will have the opportunity to be a part of Disney and Pixar’s creative internship based on: art, photography/video, and creative design.

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The Beyond App - UX|UI Design & Research

Our potential user is frustrated with not having an community of women who look like her on a therapy app. She desires to be accountable to others while still obtaining her mental health needs. Other apps are nice but she wants an app that "speaks" her language: One that is inviting and makes mental health engaging. 

Cruuse App - UX|UI Design and Research

Our potential rider is frustrated with faulty bus apps and is determined to find an app that helps them track the time of arrival for their respective bus routes as well as keep them on track with which bus arrives at what time.

Liberated - UX|UI Design 

The client wanted a sleek and clean look for their new clothing brand, liberated by kashope. I made the web design on Figma and Wix as well as the marketing images for social media. 

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