Creating Change

Design to me is a tool used to transform and change technology as we know it. Because of my background in Anthropology and journalism, I've always had a heart to see change in humanity. 
UX design was perfect for me, because I could pair my love and empathy for people, and my eye for design. Now, I see that creativity is a tool used to produce change within our world. 


Art x Babe

For the Artist on the go

Art Babe Cosmetics is a vegan cosmetic line created with agility for the modern woman on the go. The lipgloss line was the first product to be produced and created. I conducted Brand Identity, strategy, user research, and design for the overall advertising of the product launch. 


An App for creative communities
Screen Shot 2021-05-21 at 2.56.41 PM.png

HOMIE is an app designed to create easy access to other creatives, helping individuals collaborate with others, join curated communities, and produce their work to a wide audience, helping build their network. 


Nike 360 Campaign

Brining back a classic remix

For Nike's Airmax's I decided to create a remix on a classic shoe. This shoe was designed for a nostalgic 90's, early 2000 feel. 

When Doves Fly

From broken to hopeful

When Doves Fly is a poetry book by a Dallas Poet, Kwota B, that entails the intracies of love. My role was to design the book cover and graphics for the book release.